Time and place:
November 28, 2012, 9.30-16.30
Aarhus University, Bartholins Allé 16, building 1410, room 247

On behalf of The Nordic Company Law Network the Company Law Group at Aarhus University is pleased to invite PhD students to a seminar at Aarhus University. The topic of the seminar is the law making pro- cess behind recent EU company law.

To give insight into the process that has characterized some of the recent initiatives in EU company law a number of researchers and practitioners share their first-hand knowledge. Moreover, the Danish EU- Oplysningen will give a presentation on how to find EU working documents and how to follow the legisla- tive process.

The purpose of the seminar is also to give Nordic PhD students a chance to meet PhD students from the other Nordic countries and to discuss their research projects. Therefore each participant must prepare a short presentation of his or her research project – approximately 15 minutes. Based on the research pro- jects the PhD students will be divided into groups where the participants will discuss the projects aided by a senior researcher. To facilitate the debate the participants must submit a project description (approxi- mately 2 pages) at the time of their registration.



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