The Nordic Company Law Network is a network for Nordic researchers who are either working within the field of company law and capital market law or whose work in a closely related area (e.g. labour law, accounting and auditing law) provides them with an interest in this field.

The network is the result of a merger between the Nordic research network based in Aarhus, Denmark; SRN, the network for research fellows/doctoral students and researchers, based in Oslo and the capital market network based in Copenhagen.

One of the reasons for setting up the network is to enable contact between all of us doing research within these areas, so that we can discuss issues of common interest.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list that may be used by anyone wishing to contact the members of the network. The mailing list may also be used by the network’s members and the institutions with which they are associated in order to circulate information about relevant seminars, new legal precedents, literature, etc.: SR-N@jus.uio.no.

Mail with large attachments, many recipients med (in addition to SR-N@jus.uio.no) or with an implicit link will be moderated, to reduce the spam danger. For more information or help with using the mailing list, please contact Beate Sjåfjell.

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